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From: FL, United States

Rock, Indie, Alternative, Soft Rock, Pop

INSITES - formerly(FRONTLINE) was born in 2007 in Miami, FL, out of a group of co-workers who loved their music and just liked to jam. After many jam sessions and just as many musicians, the right chemistry came together with the present lineup. The guitar styles of James and Schmitty couldn't have fit better with our talented bass player Joe. During one of the aforementioned jam sessions, James, started singing with his warm voice and we all just kinda looked at each other and agreed that this was it and thus the band came about. From that moment on it was one song after the other and they all just kinda fell into place. With no real discernible style (alternative/rock/blues/anything goes), INSITES is rapidly becoming one of the up and coming acts of South Florida. With a high energy show, combined with a wide appeal to different musical tastes, INSITES is now, to our surprise, becoming a fixture in the Miami music scene. We are glad you like our music and thank all of you for your support. Our second CD was recently recorded and is now out, look for upcoming performances throughout Florida in support of our new CD. Thanks and enjoy our music...