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From: Iceland

Pop, Rock

Born in 1979, Ingi Örn Gíslason grew up in Reykjavik, the capital of

Iceland. A creative child, Ingi grew up with a passion for music and

song-writing, singing before he could talk. The self-taught guitarist

was inspired by Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Johnny Cash and Neil Young as

well as national legends Bubbi Morthens and Megas.

The born and bred Icelander financed the recording of ‘Human Oddities’

by sailing the rough North Atlantic as a fisherman. The gruelling

30-day shifts allowed the tongue-in-cheek singer to record the debut

that he wrote in London, in San Francisco (USA) with Grammy award

winning producer Scott Mathews.

The recording of ‘Human Oddities’ went remarkably well with respected

session musician Tom Leukens joining in, when the men stumbled upon

the song ‘Nightmares in my Head’. Neither Mathews nor Ingi knew what

to begin with the dark-tune until Matthews proposed to Leukens and the

jovial singer to visit Al Capone’s notorious cell on Alcatraz.

Armed with only a digital sound recorder the men asked the guard on

Alcatraz if he could lock them in for just a few moments. The request

was granted and with the recorder running the door was shut. In a

flash of excitement Ingi left out a scream which can now be heard at

the beginning of the track on the album together with the slam of the

heavy cell door.