Homeless J. began in the family basement of school mates all seeking the same thing – the intoxicating liberation found in experimental rock music. With only this feeling as their flagship this indie space rock collaboration of longtime friends Chad Van Meter (vocals/guitars), Brad Amstutz (guitar), Jonathan Hill (bass), Matt Minnick (guitar), and Dan Willig (drums) has been hovering like a UFO around the music scene attracting spiritual travelers of all sorts.

The five-piece (originating from Fort Wayne) has a range of influences that touch on everything from the minimalist romanticism of the Cure, the optimistic energy of early U2, and the dark spirituality of Depeche Mode. As Van Meter has said, “There is a sacredness about the space that music can penetrate. We tread lightly on the hollowed ground we are invited into.” It’s this magic space they have been captivated by since the beginning. Their live shows too are absorbed with it, mimicking in ways a playground of sacred shared-experience. The world is ripe for the spell of homeless J.