Homeless Balloon
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From: Norway

Genre: Dance/Electronica, Chillout, Ambient

Homeless Balloon’s music is ambient chill and electronica. It's the music project of Norwegian composer and multimedia artist Helge Krabye. His background is in sound design, and he has composed original music for television documentaries, radio plays, fantasy stories and art projects since the beginning of the 90's. He learned to play violin as a kid, and he now loves to perform on acoustic and electric guitar, MiniMoog Voyager, Alembic electric bass, Mountain Dulcimer and the Korg Z-1 virtual analog synth…

Homeless Balloon songs
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Videos From Homeless Balloon

  1. Mysterious China - The Album

  2. Behind the Mask

  3. The Last Train

  4. African Dream (Ambient Mix)

  5. The Frog Prince

  6. Dream Away

  7. Feathers Flying

  8. Soria Moria

  9. Red Sky

  10. Communication by Homeless Balloon

  11. Green by Homeless Balloon

  12. Order and Chaos Our Galaxy by Homeless Balloon

  13. The Traveller

  14. Harmony

  15. Waiting Falling Dreaming
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Saturday, October 20, 2012
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