From: TX, United States

Folk, Acoustic, Bluegrass

With touches of bluegrass, celtic, classical, and folk, Heather McCready has a new and interesting sound that is all her own. Heather is a uniquely gifted and prolific singer/songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas whose music will reach deep inside of you and touch your spirit; described as “evocative” and “refreshing” her music will open up your heart and draw you in. Heather is not swayed by convention and loves doing the unexpected. The end result is music that is imaginative, beautiful and fun!

Her newly released CD, “Neverland”, is a creative and engrossing musical adventure for the senses. Using acoustic guitars, fiddles, mandolin, piano, cello, upright bass, as well as her own angelic and distinctively pure voice, Heather McCready will take you to a tranquil yet artistically stimulating place you will never want to leave. Catch a glimpse of her imagination, heart and soul as she takes you with her on a captivating trip to Neverland, the place she calls home.

Heather is a deep thinker and a spiritual soul and her music reflects that. Once you have heard her music you will feel as though you know her. She is a true artist that makes every moment intentional and beautiful. She loves playing upbeat bluegrass music with fiddles and dancing for outdoor festivals and peaceful acoustic performance for silent intimate surroundings. Wherever she travels, she has music for the journey!