Have Heart was a straight-edge hardcore band formed in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 2002. The band recorded a demo that was released in 2003. In 2004, they released the What Counts EP (Think Fast Records), with their debut full-length, The Things We Carry (Bridge Nine Records) arriving in 2006. Their latest full-length, Songs To Scream At The Sun (Bridge Nine Records) has garnered much critical acclaim from hardcore critics and fans alike, winning 'album of the year' from many Hardcore-oriented websites.

Have Heart's lyrics cover a variety of subjects from the hardcore scene to a much larger scale. Many topics include self image and its transition to popular media, the Straight Edge lifestyle, self control and respect, logic over violence, pressure (especially youth pressure), perseverance, self-destruction, friendship and family. Such lyrical themes have allowed Have Heart to have a commanding force in at least the positive hardcore scene and even the scene as a whole.