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From: GA, United States

Pop, R & B

Born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa. Took an interest in music very early by way of my father and his extensive music collection. By four years old, Hartsel took a liking to Rufus and Chaka Khan so much that the Rufus featuring Chaka Khan album “became” his. The next album to enter the house was “Rufusized”, bought for him. Hartsel sang in chorus all through school and was in the Swing Show choir in high school every year eligible. He played clarinet from 6th grade to the 11th grade, and in 7th grade played tenor sax in the jazz band. He was also a member of the choir in church and a small vocal group called Voices of Life, as well as a smaller group called Trinity. Reading and writing came very easily very early and Hartsel excelled in them throughout school and college. September 11, 2001, prompted the local newspaper to solicit editorials from citizens and his was one of the ones to be published, which led to few more, earning community-wide recognition.

2004 brought an opportunity to take a leap of faith and move to Atlanta – a move that would prove to be one allowing Hartsel to spread his wings. Hartsel met the future publisher of his novel, “Three Words, Four Letters” at a play in 2006 and met a now dear friend who was a member of the 90s hip-hop group, The Deff Boys in 2004. This meeting was the catalyst to the meeting with music producer, Jaeforte. After an initial phone call and a brief meeting, a musical relationship was born. 14 songs later and a CD, Hartsel is striving to be one who is worth knowing rather than be well known.