From: CA, United States

Country, Rockabilly, Country Rock

Hank Biggs and The Hardtops

Playing genuine, traditional Rockabilly in a style that harkens back to the era of Carl Perkins and Scotty Moore, the group recently released their second CD entitled, Lucky Streak (available on CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes). Consisting of 15 songs, Lucky Streak, is full of swinging Rockabilly dance tunes.

Founder Hank Biggs (aka David Giguere) boasts musical experience that dates back a couple of decades, covering small towns and big cities from New York to California. He's played, sang and refined his chops in many genres, including Bluegrass, Western Swing and Surf, to name just a few. But, these days it's all about dancing and having a good time to pure, unadulterated Rockabilly! This is why Biggs founded the group in 2009, carefully selecting expert, professional musicians to back him up, and is currently booking shows from SF to Reno to Los Angeles, and beyond. (A current calendar of play dates can be found at

“The guys in the band are so talented and so much fun to play with,” said Biggs, “And, I think that really shows when we hit the stage. We have such a good time when we're up on stage it's really infectious, even if you've never even listened to Rockabilly before!” Indeed.

Backed up by seasoned musicians on a gorgeous Gretsch Guitar, a Stand-up Bass, Drums and Vocals and the Piano, the band delivers a raucous, rowdy good time on stage. (Note: Unlike a few Rockabilly bands of yore, Hank Biggs maintains a high professional standard, delivering consistently polished, professional entertainment, on a reliable basis.)

Biggs loves to entertain an audience. Always had. While he sings and plays guitar, today, he started on his musical path playing accordion in 2nd grade. He promptly switched to guitar, after he heard all the great records put out by Sun Studios in the 1950's and 60's. And, ever since the time he plugged in to the back of the family RCA console record player, and played along with the 45’s, he knew he wanted “to rock”.

“My uncles played accordion and fiddle and everybody sang along. That's how folks did things back in those days, playing at home every night for each other. I still enjoy that, too, whenever I can.”

Biggs really got his real start with a Garage Band in the 1960's playing Surf music in Shell Beach, California, and you can't miss the twinkle in his eye when he remembers those days. Since then he has played folk, blues, jazz and bluegrass, although he always kept coming back to that boppin’ Carl Perkins sound of Rockabilly music. With hot guitar licks, walking bass lines, and a bad-ass back beat, you just can't lose with Hank Biggs and The Hardtops!

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