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From: WA, United States

Country, Rock, Blues

HEDRICK is a group led by songwriter-musician David Hedrick and accompanied by wife Ella Hedrick. The group's sound developed during their time in North Carolina from the raw, sometimes poignant influence of their roots in the Appalachian culture and childhoods filled with a variety of music.

David moves from blues to bluegrass, from rock to gospel to country while writing, performing, recording, and producing original music. With his individual style he layers and blends notes from guitars, the banjo, keyboard, bass, percussion, and any instrument he can find or make and interweaves lyrics sometimes haunting, sometimes whimsical. Ella sings occasional harmonies, plays the bass guitar, the nyckelharpa, and handles the group's business side.

In quotes from new fans, HEDRICK music is "wonderfully delightful" and "makes me want to dance".

Now based in Seattle, Washington, "the Great Northwest", their sound and expression evolves (a hammered dulcimer has been added to the instruments) as David continues to write music that speaks of life: the relationships, the hardships, the joys. They are currently involved in a project of blues and rock and their website, is under development.

HEDRICK's new album, "Rider" brings together 11 original songs about the many facets of relationships: passion, retribution, lost opportunities, and second chances. Whether the stories call to your own past or talk about your tomorrows, each one will touch your heart. "Rider" was mastered by Sean Magee in Studio 6 at Abbey Road Studios, London.

"Why Don't You Know", HEDRICK's second album, is an acoustic-based collection of 11 songs with occasional electric accents and additional vocals by Joey Kelley and Heather Kelley on the song "Maddie Sue Balleu". The album was mastered by the legendary Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios, London.

The group's first album, "An Undeniable Noise", is a multi-genre collection of 14 original songs mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios, London.

The three albums and individual songs are available for download on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon MP3, cdbaby, Google Music, Simfy, and Tunecore. Cds are available on Songs from the albums are playing on Jango, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, Napster, Zune, and Verve Life.

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