Graham Marshall
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From: United Kingdom

Genre: Folk, Acoustic, Pop

Graham Marshall’s story is reflected in his catalogue of songs: survival, adventure, love and tragedy are more than mere subjects of whim to strum his guitar to.

At 20, his band, Screaming Silence, was a hit in his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. But on the brink of the showcase gig that would “seal the deal” with a label, the lead member “disappeared” after running into some unsavoury entanglements. A couple of years later, Graham entered into a rehabilitation program for clinical depression and put on…

Graham Marshall songs
  • Makin' It On My Own - Single - Out Now On iTunes

Videos From Graham Marshall

  1. Ten Years Stuck In Traffic (Official Video)

  2. Run With Me

  3. Bert Sings The Blues "Live"

  4. Freedom Call "Live"

  5. Beautiful Lady "Live"

  6. Blood On Your Hands "Live"

  7. Leap Of Faith "Live"

  8. The Prize "Live street performance in Glasgow…
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Sunday, August 18, 2013
How come the Brits can do USAmerican music better than the USAmericans?