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Govi is a new age/ambient musician. One of the most acclaimed and best-selling contemporary instrumental and ethnic fusion musicians, each of Govi’s previous albums have all reached the Top 10 on Billboard’s New Age chart. Govi became fascinated with the guitar very early in life when he simply walked past one in a store window and decided that was the instrument he wanted to play. In his teens, Govi performed as the lead guitarist in bands that played everything from rock to blues, including early Beatles and Pink Floyd. These experiences led to his first professional gig as a member of a group that played original material and won a national band competition and a recording contract which allowed them to tour throughout Germany.

Although a native of Germany, Govi spent eight years living in India. It was there that Govi started playing the mandolin, mandola cello, sitar, bouzouki, charango and the 8-string ukulele. While in India, he also established a friendship with prominent German new age artists Deuter and Karunesh. Their mutual admiration and respect led to Deuter co-producing Govi's debut album Sky High throughout which Deuter can be heard playing flutes and keyboards.

His fifth album Guitar Odyssey became one of the most successful albums in its genre; in 1997, it reached the ten best of the "Billboard" new age albums and eventually took third place.

Govi is now living in Hawaii.