From: NY, United States

Rock, acoustic

Goodbye Ronnie is essentially raw acoustic rock lullabies written and performed by Ronnie Lickers. Ronnie is a veteran of the Rochester, NY music scene-primarily as the hard hittin drummer for the progressive/metal band BML. Years ago, amongst the loud clamor of rock n roll, Ron sought to express himself in a new and different way. Ron began channeling his soul’s energy into acoustic songwriting in solitude. Last summer, Ron played his songs for some friends who encouraged him to bring his music out to a bigger audience. A year later, Ron recorded his debut full length solo acoustic album What Have We Done with Doug White at Watchmen Studios in Lockport, NY. What Have We Done will be released Spring 2012.

Goodbye Ronnie’s style is a soulful brew of intense hard rock, folk, blues and country twisted in a fresh new way. His raspy low voice and clanging rhythmic guitar sound cut right to the heart. Ron plays signature melodic hooks over unusual chords. His solo performances are intense and exciting. Ron’s lyrics are born of deep emotions and truthful reflections on his personal relationships. The realities of human longing, wistfulness and unrequited love are brought to life. Ron expresses the wisdom of an old soul punctuated with the jarring emotions that we all have as part of our human experience. (“Fear the one you love mostly…only because she’s gone…”-Only Because) All of the songs on What Have We Done were born from his process of self-reflection.

Recently, soulful songstress Melody Calley of Syracuse, NY has joined Goodbye Ronnie. The two began collaborating when Ron sought a female vocalist to sing on “We Wanted This”, a song that tells the story of ended love from both a guy and a girl’s perspective. Melody sang on several songs on the album, including a vocal rant at the end of epic “Little Things”. Other guest musicians have lended their talents to Goodbye Ronnie: BML band mate Brian Mason (guitar solos), Lisa Schmitz (vocals), Meghan Cameron (vocals) and Adam English (keyboards) are all on What Have We Done and may appear at live performances.

Goodbye Ronnie’s debut live show with the full group will be May 30th at the Bug Jar in Rochester, NY.

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