From: MS, United States

Blues, Country, Pop

Rob Mortimer of GoodPaper

Born and raised in the rich, fertile soil of a Mississippi Delta cemetery, Rob Mortimer bases his songs on personal experiences of heartache, love, and observations. Mortimer, a second generation funeral director and embalmer, also enjoys the happier side of a bad situation; but he always does what's next. His music overflows with dynamic rhythms and pounding bottoms, while his sextronic lyrics are at times both humorous and thought forgetting, yet on paper somewhere in his office or house.

After 15 years of touring and recording with Good Paper, Mortimer begins a new project of performances that will ignite with fire like a catfish-pond-boiling-over and fresh broiled catfish and hushpuppies available for all to enjoy. With slick, tight funk to the depths of Otis Redding’s last breath, Rob Mortimer delivers post-sharecropping blues slammed into sensible popular cottonfield rock, often resulting in loss of breath during live performances. From instant wardrobe changes to mean faces, Rev. Mortimer wants your attention.

Also, claiming attention is drumstatic stick man and fulltime human, Ben Skelton. He once did a boom-boom-ting-bibbidy-bow for the President of Library Research, which landed him a role in a community theatre event. Ben will always be the Boom in the Room if you keep him on the down LOW. Ben is also a well documentor who keeps up with the things that come out of Rob's mouth, such as:

"Gold Bond; making things that count.......Matter."

- Rob Mortimer

Wakarusa 2010 tent

Hot as Hell Fest 2010

Newly Noted:

Jeffery "Mr. Mediterranean" Tonos of guitar

David "1st, I just want to get to know you" Morgan of bass and Compton have accepted the engagement of the band; things are going great with new dances.

Released in 2004, Mortimer first album, as Good Paper, "Peep", was recorded in a old funeral home next to a cemetery in Indianola, Mississippi. Composed of 11 original songs concerning the book of Revelations, Quentin Tarantino, and the hurt inflicted by women, “Peep” was well received by their extensive fan base. All songs written by Rob Mortimer.

Released in 2010, Mortimer Second Album, as Good Paper, "Our Stupid Selves", was recorded at Tweed Studios in Oxford, Mississippi. Composed of 10 Original Songs on a bluesy note dealing with good ole Mississippi Delta everyday life, heartache, and juke housing. All songs written by Rob Mortimer and composed by Rob Mortimer.

Mortimer's songwriting is influenced by “anybody with or without a message," according to Mortimer, naming Muddy Waters, Stevie Wonder, Tony Soprano, George Bush, Ben Harper, Sly & The Family Stone, John Mayer, John Scofield, past and present girlfriends, Abe Lincoln, Hernando Desoto, animated preacher men, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and James Brown as contributing factors to the evolution of his sound.