Girlie Vasallo
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From: CA

Genre: Pop, Adult Contemporary, Electronic Dance Music

Girlie Vasallo is a Filipino-Canadian ad agency associate creative director turned singer/songwriter, with years of experience writing commercial soundtracks before moving to Vancouver, Canada. She has earned recognition from the London International Advertising Awards and the Creative Guild Awards for her work in television ads. Yet writing music is still her first love. Her song, “Chapter Two”, earned her a finalist nomination in the 16th IAMA International Acoustic Music Awards and a semi-finalist nod in…

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  • SAVE THE DAY (Girlie Vasallo)

  • Never Take For Granted (Girlie Vasallo)

  • GOLD (Girlie Vasallo)

  • Chapter Two (Girlie Vasallo)

  • Celebrate (Girlie Vasallo feat. Lalaine Enriquez)

  • Here I Am (Girlie Vasallo feat. Lalaine Enriquez)

  • Here I Am

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  1. Save The Day

  2. Never Take For Granted

  3. GOLD

  4. Here I Am

  5. Chapter Two
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Friday, August 02, 2019
nice song .great voice