Gary Schutt
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From: FL, United States

Genre: Rock, Power Pop, Hard Rock

Gary Schutt has basically been a one man solo artist since he was really young. Acquiring a cheap 4-track recorder and a slew of original tunes, he started recording & producing at age 15, writing, arranging and performing all the parts himself in his parents basement.

Gary graduated and taught at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music and continued writing, recording, producing and performing there.

Initially trained as a drummer, Gary quickly picked up guitar, bass and piano.

Once establishing hi…

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  1. Love Me For Me

  2. Wait Till Sunday

  3. Down

  4. "Contingency Plan" ad

  5. Siberian Sunburn

  6. "Self Indulgence Is A Virtue" DVD
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Florida, United States

Florida, United States

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