From: Czech Republic

Country, Bluegrass, Acoustic

G-runs ’n Roses – hard driving bluegrass

Upon hearing the name, you might expect a bunch of rough guys with tattoos and long hair, but the picture does not confirm your assumption. Luckily, these lads have other aces to pull out of their sleeves.

G-runs ‘n Roses are an energetic bluegrass band from the Czech Republic. They play both original and existing songs with a strong focus on solid rhythm and tight vocal harmonies, complemented with fancy instrumental solos and incorporated into elegant arrangements. The band was formed in July 2006 and has performed in the current line-up since November 2007. The band released its first CD “Learning To Fly” in the spring of 2008.

The band has performed at many European festivals including:

- The EBMA European World of Bluegrass, Voorthuizen, Netherlands

voted #1 European Bluegrass Band in 2010 (2nd in 2009)

- La Roche Bluegrass Festival, La Roche sur Foron, France

voted #1 European Bluegrass Band in 2010 (3rd in 2007, 2008)

- Risor Bluegrass Festival, Risor, Norway – 2007, 2010

- Bluegrass Family Festival, Stetten, Switzerland – 2008

- Picnic Festival, Namur, Belgium – 2008, 2010

- Karens Minde Kulturhus, Copenhagen, Denmark – 2008, 2010

- Banjo Jamboree, Čáslav, Czech Republic – 2008, 2010

- Jamboree, Strakonice, Czech Republic – 2010

- Bluegrass večer, Horná Poruba, Slovakia – every year since 2007

Contact information:

Ralph Schut

Haberská 710/6

588 32 Brtnice

Czech Republic

Web: and


Phone: +420 737 580 679