Freezepop is an American synthpop/Electropop band from Boston, Massachusetts. They formed in 1999 in with Liz Enthusiasm, Sean T. Drinkwater, and "The Duke of Pannekoeken", an alias for composer Kasson Crooker. The current lineup (as of December 2009) is Liz Enthusiasm, Sean T. Drinkwater, Robert John "Bananas" Foster and Christmas Disco-Marie Sagan. The band is named after the frozen snack. The members describe their music as "sweet and cold and fruity and plastic-y", much like the snack.

Many of the band's songs have appeared in video games, including the Harmonix titles FreQuency, Amplitude, Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Phase, and the Rock Band series. Their music has also been included in Downhill Domination and one of the North American entries in the Dance Dance Revolution series. Freezepop songs continue to appear in certain Harmonix titles. Former member Kasson Crooker currently works as a Senior Producer at video game development studio Harmonix.

The group is popular with college students in Boston and has become part of the U.S. synthpop scene.