From: Denmark

Dance/Electronica, Pop

Fedora Heap is an electronica pop band consisting of Anders Gronborg and Sune Andersen. The band was established in 2008 - releasing their four star debut album 'Into the Sun' in September 2010.

Now, more than 2 years after this debut release, Fedora Heap is releasing their second album 'Pieces Of Prediction' (28.09.2012).

The first album 'Into the Sun' provided a degree of retro-feeling, directly inspired by the 80's synthpop, the new album has a much more contemporary sound universe, but - just as the first album - still with a melodic touch of melancholy. The lyrics are both at odds with the everyday trivialities of life - but also reaches deeper. Vocals on all tracks in Fedora Heap are performed by Anders Gronborg.

10.09.2012 a new single - 'The Omen' was released from the new album.

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