F.O.O.D (Forged Out Of Dust)
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From: Australia

Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, Fusion Genre, Acid Jazz-Latin-Hard-Rock-Psychedelic-Blues fusion.,

The band formed in August 2010, since then have had a few changes in Rhythm, Bass Keys, Drums between 2011 and from January 2015.

The Lineup now,includes myself, David Peacock, Lead singer/Song writer/ Lead/Rhythm Guitarist, F.X(original member). John Bartie, Rhythm Guitarist/Vocals/Songwriter(original member. Jamie Snow (New Member) Saxophonist, basic Keyboards, since January 2015 We have 2 new casual drummers on stand by, plus a Conga percussionist, but still seeking a Bass player? All members includ…

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Monday, December 16, 2013
love ur music, u will go a long way,60s and 70s rock.