From: Mexico

Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, Electronica Darkwave Synthpop, Industrial Electronic

Some strange mixture of inspirations and feelings, melodies and lyrics from the inner consciousness, music from strange lands and unknown places..

Alex Ezert is a producer and composer of alternative electronic music, best known for the work he has done for his electro alternative band 'Horizonte Lied' since 1992.

He also has released some underground tracks under his personal side project 'Ezert'.

Currently in the studio producing and finalizing the 'Renovation' album. coming soon

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Ezert songs
  • Neverending Flames (Pre-release version)

Videos From Ezert

  1. Neverending Flames (Video Teaser Version)

  2. Finally an End

  3. Renovation (Official Music Video)

  4. Renovation (Official Lyric Video)

  5. Falling Star

  6. Falling Star (Preview Experimental Promo Edit)

  7. Wicked Game (Chris Issak Cover)
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United States
Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Reminds me of depheche mode a bit. i like them