From: Sweden

Pop, new pop, singer songwriter

Evalorys has Nordic origins and has been part of the music and dance world since she was a child. At 5 years old, she began studying classical and jazz ballet and went on to become a prima ballerina and choreographer. At age 7, she started singing and playing the piano; she furthered her studies at the Conservatory where she achieved excellent results. She currently composes and writes her own music and lyrics, and owns the full rights to the entire package.

The Evalorys Project is a simple and straightforward way to make and spread music. The purpose of this Project is to convey important messages which have very little to do with “personal issues”: we are presented with a range of topics which touch everybody’s lives, ranging from the most serious to the very frivolous so there is something for everyone.

For the time being, Evalorys has decided not to reveal her identity. The reason is stated in this concept which she would like to present her Project with:

“For many years now we have been witnessing a trend that is seeking to completely devour the beauty of music and this is rapidly giving way to less important points. The message behind the lyrics, the beauty of a melody, the vibrations that a song can transmit must go back to being the driving force for making music.

There are people who look but don’t see, others who hear but don’t listen and others who watch but forget to listen. I wanted to create music that has meaning even when I’m singing playfully.”

Evalorys’s personality reflects the concepts of the song lyrics: touching upon moral issues such as the end of privacy, the destruction of our planet by ruthless leaders, the stereotypes which have kept us trapped since childhood, the timeless topic of money and a great deal of other injustices which, in spite of ourselves, we have learnt to put up with.

The debut single “Mister” is a cry of protest against a “mister” who symbolizes the heads of state. It expresses a strong objection to those leaders who make us believe that they’re protecting the people and trying to save the earth when they’re actually filling their own purses at the people’s expense….

But… “We sleep in the light and play in the dark

Because we don’t trust what you do

We’re preparing for rebirth and then start living

And you’ll remain alone…!

MISTER up & down this is no life

In this way you destroy the world

MISTER up and down cease the strife

We don’t wanna be swindled

Save the future life, save the earth

Save the remaining mankind…”