From: DE, United States

Blues, Jazz/blues, Ballads

People have asked me many times how did I come by the name of Mr.Blues. Well, this is a true story. I was playing in a club in the Bronx, NY years ago with Tippy Larkin's band in which I was singing under the name of Rick Run which I loved,but an elderly female fan of mind could never remember my name Rick Run and I would tell each time that I saw I her. But one Thursday night while on brake she approach me and says I have a surprise for you I'm gonna call you Mr.Blues, I thanked her, but unknowingly to me Tippy over heard the conversation and just before the brake was over Tippy started informing the audience of a friend of his who had stop by to say hello and just arrived from Paris, France last night and that he was a singer and could we get him to sing us a song and he goes by the name of Mr. Blues, He look at me and said come on up Mr. Blues.The applause was loud and clear.The Fans had spoken. The rest is my story.

Growing up In Harlem, USA I was expose to many types of Music from Dop Wob, Jazz, Blues etc I chose to sing Blues,Jazz and Ballad if I liked a song and thought I could do some justice to it I would preform it

I started singing when I was a kid because I love to sing. I've sang with many different bands during my career and had one of my own called In a New York State of mind.

I have recorded two Cds one is called "A tribute to Joe Williams" and "Just for You" which can be purchase on the internet.

i like to made a third CD called "One in a Million" so far I have started soliciting money on Go fund Me to help rise funds to complete the Cd.

For bookings you can go to my on line electronic press kite and for the fund riser

any amount that you feel you can give would be highly appreciated

Thank so much.