Eric F Lemieux, Composer
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From: Canada

Genre: Classical, Film Music, Electroacoustic

Eric F Lemieux is a composer, guitarist and Canadian poet who creates original music for all types of ensembles. He started playing guitar at age 12 and has written several soundtracks for film. His influences are many and run the gamut from Renaissance intimate Gazpar Sanz’s counterpoints to contemporary electro-symphonic and from classical forms to flashy modern fusion styles like Alan Holdsworth’s. He aims at bringing together and drawing parallels between styles and universes that may at first appear at…

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  1. Guitar Concert 2011, Eric Lemieux (SAHARA)

  2. Heitor Villa-Lobos, Etude No 11, Eric Lemieux

  3. Hommage a Villa-Lobos, Eric Lemieux (Guitar)

  4. Vol de Nuit (Opening Title), Film Music: Eric Lemi

  5. Modern Classical Guitar, Eric Lemieux
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