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From: Japan

World, Electronica, Alternative

Hide has been performing his own electric sound

since the age of 15. As a soloist, with acoustic

guitar in hand and as EQUATOR with producer and

composing partner Shogo Uruno. But it is the

recorded works of EQUATOR that have reached

listeners in Australia, America, England and Japan.

EQUATOR's music is mixed and inspired by an array

of sounds from around the globe including such

places as Mongolia, Japan, USA, Australia, UK,

Argentina and Africa.

Hide sees his music as a form of communication. His

greatest desire is to communicate with people

everywhere, crossing and broadening culture all

through the power of


As with EQUATOR's

song, Lake Baikal,

produced by partner

Shogo, Hide reflects

that the song was

inspired by

h u m a n i t y ' s

connection to the

earth. It expresses a message that there is always

the story of life, power and death, but remember

Mother Earth. You can find this song on

EQUATOR's latest EP Will…,

Hide is joined on the CD by talented guest musicians

and singers and poets such as Shu Kosuge, Naoki

Ebisawa, Blue, Ridge, Elizabeth Szwarc, Chris

Grundy, Alby Gardnerberg, Benjamin Beardsley,

Kyoko Sato, David Whitaker and Rachel Carvosso.

EQUATOR will soon have completed their first

album. Be sure to check it out! You won't be

disappointed. In the words of Hide, “ Ciao!”