Temperley, Argentina

El Otro Yo is an Argentine band of alternative rock and originally of Temperley, Buenos Aires, formed at the beginning of the decade of 1990 and influenced mainly by Nirvana, Pixies and Sonic Youth. Led by Cristian Aldana and with more than one decade on the scenes, this band has known to leave in front of independent form with 11 discs published in several parts of the world, plus a DVD with most of its trajectory. Cristian was playing in a band called “Los Apáticos” during the years 86-87, and Maria was also playing in other bands when they decided to form a band together. Maria had read a poetry which Arthur Rimbaud had written when he was sixteen years; “Yo soy otro”. That phrase lingered in her mind while the band was still being conformed. Afterwards, Maria told Cristian about what she had read and he decided to name the group "El Otro Yo” ("The Other I" or "My other self").