El Canto del Loco (The Song of the Madman in English. Sometimes abbreviated ECDL) is a Spanish pop rock band, although its members recognize that some of their songs are more in the style of power pop. The group was created in 1994 by Dani Martín and Ivan Ganchegui (who left the group in 2002) although the final five members would not come together until years later. Influenced mainly by other Spanish groups from the 1980s and with five studio albums, El Canto del Loco has gone on to sell more than a million albums, making them one of the most successful bands currently on the Spanish music scene. After garnering a fanbase aided by the release of Puede Ser featuring Amaia Montero, the band released their album A Contracorriente in Mexico, and part of South America. The name of the band comes from the song El Canto del Gallo by Radio Futura

In 2005 they won Best Spanish Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards.