8-Ball is a four-piece rock band from Okinawa, Japan, formed in the late '90s and consists of lead singer Ray; Leon, drummer; Chris, bassist and Keiichi Sato the guitarist.

The band are mainly known internationally by non-rock fans for its song (Need For) Speed which have been the theme tune for the drifting series D1 Grand Prix on the video magazine, Video Option; since the series inauguration, its other song Can't Carry On which is played at the closing stage of the coverage. As a result of the popularity of its two songs, the band were signed to the Avex Trax label. As well as this, their other song Masquerade opens the video series of its D1GP spinoff series D1 Street Legal.

The guitarist, Keiichi, tends to have a fondness of playing Super Mario Bros. game tunes with his electric guitar which he is seen in Youtube12