Eclipse (Euro-Dance)

From: Netherlands

Genre: Dance/Electronica, Euro-Dance, 90's Pop

Eurodance is a cheerful and commercial European response to the house craze originated from the club circuit in Chicago in the early eighties and was also strongly influenced by the New Beat that arose in Belgium in the late eighties. Euro Dance originated from a fusion of influences from styles like house, rave, new beat, pop, disco, italo disco, freestyle, hip hop and trance later on. In the mid nineties the genre became very popular by many big hits.

Eclipse (Euro-Dance) songs
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  • Let the Rhythm (Extended Edit) [Remastered]

Videos From Eclipse (Euro-Dance)
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    You Make My Day (Extended Edit) with lyrics
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    The Ultimate Eurodance Party Playlist
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    Let The Rhythm (live in Brasov Romania)
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    Intro + Let The Music Play (live in Zeeland)
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    Let the Rhythm (Extended Edit) with lyrics
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    I Want You Forever (Extended Edit) with lyrics
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Monday, August 05, 2019
what about the mp3 or release of the amazing "let the nusic play"??????????