E Gail & Dean Dollar
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Genre: Country, Country/Pop, Country/ Soft Rock!

HELLO, My Name is Esther Gail AKA E Gail. I am a Singer-Songwriter/ Actress in Country/Pop, Country/Soft Rock and some R&B songs.Check out my New Song "You Sure Do" by Esther Gail on all Digi download sites itunes,amazon,google and Spotify and more.My New Album Click on one of the Links below to review most of our newest songs.Song "FLASHBACKS" written for Movie Series.Also newest "I Like Attention" . Alot of our Songs are written for Series or Movies placement .All Our Songs are on iTunes,amazon.com, and…

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  1. Is It Too Late to Love you (I Still Care)

  2. I'm An Extra

  3. It's A Gamble

  4. LOL Laugh Out Loud
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Friday, January 29, 2016
sounds realy nice