Donna Greenberg
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From: Canada

Genre: Pop, Adult Contemporary, World


Donna Greenberg is a unique and stylistically versatile vocalist with a deep love of music. Her vocal precision, warmth, musicality, and dramatic flair are always evident in her heartfelt performance. She studied voice at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, and has performed in both classical and jazz styles.

Donna is not only a singer but also a songwriter/composer and lyricist, with a degree in English literature (University of Toronto) and with extensive background in…

Donna Greenberg songs
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  • You're My Summer Peach

  • Why Can't I Say Good-bye?

  • Don't Try to Change My Mind

  • Go Your Way

  • There Will Always Be Spring

  • Meu Amor

  • Edge of Night

  • Nothing Left to Say

  • What to do?

  • Let's Sing to the Moon (Cantemos a la Luna)

  • Spring Must Be Coming

  • Why Can't I Say Good-bye?

  • Where You Are

  • Solitudes

  • Living on the Outside (Vouloir Quitter Son Ile)

  • Vouloir Quitter Son Ile (Living on the Outside0

  • Garden at Midnight

  • Noche en el Paraiso

  • Ridin' on High

  • A Hundred Years from Today

Videos From Donna Greenberg
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    Noche en el Paraiso
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    Cantemos a la Luna
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    The Twilight
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    You're My Summer Peach
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    My Love is in a Light Attire
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  7. Mqdefault
    Don't Try to Change My Mind
  8. Mqdefault
    I Kiss Your Open Mouth Live
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  10. Mqdefault
    Where You Are
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    Donna Greenberg on "The Being Frank Show"…
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    Donna Greenberg Singer Songwriter
  13. Mqdefault
    All I Have to Do is Dream
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  15. Mqdefault
    Living on the Outside
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