From: NJ, United States


Superficial-The reason why I first began playing guitar. Amazing-the feeling I felt when I realized I was good at playing guitar. Euphoric-the feeling I have now that I know my true passion, talent, and calling in life is playing guitar. While I may appear an average person at first glance, do not be so quick to judge. My hands, ears, and mind were specially crafted to go beyond the ordinary purpose of writing, hearing, and thinking.

While everyday hands wash, move, hold, and touch, my hands create, play, harmonize, and beautify. They are gifts given to me, which I use to create a gift of my own: Music. While everyday ears simply hear in black and white, mine can hear the color and beauty of words. My mind, unlike the mind of an ordinary being, is the mind of an artist. It enables me to magically weave words of straw into songs of gold.

However, my strongest desire at this time is to expand the ability of my hands, ears and mind. I want to reach out to others by sharing my gift with the world. Soothe people's minds while their working long hours and give them that extra strength to make it through the day. My heart is beating with the anticipation of getting the chance to write about, listen to, and interpret new ideas and information as well. I, therefore, strongly advise you not to pass up these hands, these ears, and this mind.