From: CA, US

Rock, Progressive/Alternative, Glam

Chris Thomas, the founder of Dionysus, is a 17-year-old multi-instrumentalist hailing from Oceanside, California. Coming from a musical family, he began music at a young age, beginning with guitar (his main instrument) at age five, then learning a few others along the way, with influences from The Doors, Lou Reed, and The Stooges encouraging him to do so. As music being his main passion, poetry and philosophy caught his eye, which heavily influences his lyrics and mood of the music. With his first single, Circus, he describes an emotion of uneasiness, confusion, but also thrill that he experiences with an unstable girl, similar emotions that he encountered at a circus at a very young age. “I don’t want my music to be something you can just listen to and enjoy, because music, to me, can be much more powerful than that. I want them to learn something from my art, to somehow improve themselves or make them realize something that they’ve been denying for so long. Art can be much more than appealing, and I think lots of great art strives to pass the bounds of pleasure, and to something more human and true, something therapeutically real.” Dionysus will have a few more singles coming out in 2020. They will be playing shows in Southern California, summer of 2020 with a full-length album in the works, with a tour to follow.