From: Spain

Pop, Rock, Pop-rock

Jorge Dinarés is composer, singer and musician. He created a group called Mente en Blanco that launched a record to the market some years ago: He has published three records in the last four years as Dinarés. He plays often in the Madrid ( Spain) circuit.

Jorge Dinarés es compositor, músico y cantante. Creó un grupo llamado Menteen Blanco con el que lanzó un disco hace unos años. En los últimos cuatro años ha publicado tres discos como Dinarés. El actúa a menudo en el circuito madrileño.

Dinarés has recently launched his record "I´ll be ready" as a personal work. He counted with the collaboration of KimFanlo, Rafa Martín and Pablo Navarro for the production and a bunch of great musicians as AntonioSerrano or Brigitte Sosa among others. "I'll be ready" is a bright and positive record with songs written in English (7) and Spanish (5). As always, he selected the rhythm and music style that better serve to communicate each emotion. Blues, swing, rock, pop, soul, ...