Digital By Birth
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From: United Kingdom

Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, Post Punk, Electronic

. . . OK, we’ve plugged our guitars back in and have returned to the post punk, electro rap core of our first EP “Noise Pollution”. “Noise pollution” was a quiet success and had a lot of plays around the globe with the single “Hold on be Strong” proving very popular at the time.

. . .BUT we hope to further our sounds here with our 3rd album “The Manufacture of Cool”. The sounds the same but maybe slightly less Rap based and with a few more stark electronic elements.

It’s all made on an old Video Game…

Digital By Birth songs
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  • Not yours to take (our lives)

  • Elephant in the room

  • Hold on be Strong

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    Digital By Birth Fear Machine
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    DBB Do Androids Dream of Electronic Girls?
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    Digital By birth Digital Soul
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012
The world don't fall apart. Always been like this. We indeed live in a good era. Just a few solutions needed and awaiting upthere guys.