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From: Nigeria

Hip Hop/Rap, Alternative Rap

Born Bamidele Citizen and hailing from Nigeria, Delcity's earliest musical influences were from 8 tracks his Dad used to blast loud on his deck. His influences were Shabba Ranks, Aswad and Fresh Prince but as he grew older a more conscious sense of music took over.

Northern Nigeria was the major turning point in his life as he was exposed to a more conscious kind of music and rap took on a new meaning for him. He also loved beats a lot and it wasn't long before he fell in love with Tupac and Nas; Tupac because of his lyrical delivery on subjects that were issues the people in ghettos were dealing with, his love of varying beats and singing hooks,and situations people had to deal with every day; and NAS because of his poetic flow and 'scientific' approach.

Rhythm and melody are things that are essential in DelCity's music: he can easily rap to strings alone. He remembers when he would close his eyes and freestyle along to any kind of music especially Mary J. Blige imagining that he was in some duet with her on the song!

According to DelCity, 'Rap and hip hop has and will always be a voice for me. I mean music to me should be a tool to convey feelings and most importantly state of mind. I mean that's how our forefathers expressed their pain and subject matter (albeit different sounding!). I believe that there are a lot of people out there that can connect to you through your music.'

DelCity studied Theater Arts and Radio Production at the Lagos State University, He says of the experience, 'It was really fun as I learned how to sound on stage, as well as my diction and speech.'