Deep Transit
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From: MD, United States

Genre: Dance/Electronica, Deep house/Tech House , Tech House

Deep Transit- Is from the state of Maryland, USA.. Deep Transit started doing music during the 1990's. His first album of 1998 was never released. Early days of the 1990's. He worked with other local musicians producing music. Deep Transit got the name: Deep for (Deep house music and Transit because Rob enjoyed traveling by Transit either local travel or traveling by train to another state for Travel. a Deep Transit listens to A lot of deep house music/and was influence by Larry Heard/Chicago House music/…

Deep Transit songs
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  • Faith (Instrumental)

  • Everything a rhythm

  • After The Rain (Vocal Remix)

  • Elevate (Vocal Version)

  • Elevate (New Remix)

  • Embrace (Vocal)

  • The Journey [Vocal Remix]

  • Timeshift

  • Her Smile Lifts Me (Gravity)

  • A Brilliant Skyline

  • The Groove Of Life

  • A Deeper Sunshine Feeling A Rhythm (Deep House mix)

  • A Deeper Groove (Deep House mix instrumental)

  • Cycle of Life and the Turning of time

  • Momentum (Glalatic plain)

  • Harmonic Frequencies set in Rhythm 1

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Alston Cumbria Un…
Friday, March 27, 2020
Need to progrest much sooner ... But yeah great beat