Decoded Feedback is a Canadian musical project which incorporates styles of electro-industrial and aggrotech. The duo currently releases music on the North American distributor Metropolis Records, and the European record label Out of Line. Decoded Feedback was formed in 1993 by Marco Biagiotti of Italy and Yone Dudas of Hungary (both live in Canada). The two gained quick prominence after the release of their self-titled demo tape and subsequent review by Belgian industrial music magazine Sideline. Decoded Feedback was soon signed to Europe's Hard Records, which released their first full-length CD Overdosing, and gained the attention of another prominent European record label, Zoth Ommog. The latter released Decoded Feedback's second disc, Technophoby in 1997. In the vein of releasing CDs that gain the attention of other record labels, Technophoby caught the attention of American industrial music distributors Metropolis Records, who released domestic versions of all subsequent Decoded Feedback releases. 1998's Bio-Vital was the first Decoded Feedback album to enter the German Alternative Charts (DAC), and that same year also saw the release of a second album with new tracks and remixes called Evolution. In 2000, Biagiotti and Dudas signed to the record label Bloodline to release Mechanical Horizon, which was preceded by the first ever Decoded Feedback single, Reflect in Silence. Three years later, Decoded Feedback switched to what is now their current record label, Out of Line, and released Shockwave, which again was preceded by a single, Phoenix. In 2005, the duo released Combustion as well as the soundtrack for the Cindy Murdoch's short zombie film, Red Men Rising. 2010 saw release of Aftermath. Silent Killer EP and a new album are on the way.