David Monte Cristo

From: NY, United States

Genre: Pop, Electropop, Alternative rock

David Monte Cristo is a musician, producer, filmmaker and abstract artist who lives in NYC. He is co-founder of Monte Cristo Records and since 2000 has recorded and produced 11 CDs, 3 music DVDs, 40 music videos, and 200 artworks. His performance repertoire includes pop/rock hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s, classical, originals, international and spoken word. His performance specialty is Grand Piano with Vocals.

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  1. Sabre Dance

  2. NY's Village Halloween Parade Slideshow

  3. Forever Young

  4. Russian Songs

  5. Old Erotic Art - Part I


  7. Enjoy the Silence

  8. CIA World Factbook - Flags and Photos

  9. Deja Vu

  10. Thank You Baby

  11. Monte Cristo Records Trailer

  12. Killer Crack (Rated R)

  13. The Paintings of Feruza Saydieva

  14. The Carl Orff Experience

  15. The 6th Component - Song 10

  16. Limelight DJ

  17. Portraits, Abstracts and Headshots
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