From: CA, United States

Folk, Singer Songwriter, Super Folk

"California Bluegrusion" - the singularly uniquel music style of California Central Coast-based singer-songwriter-guitarist David Lynch - and Lynch's latest CD I Can See Sound - have been receiving great acclaim of late. "My personal favorite of the, funny, intimate, heartfelt, and just plain enjoyable," raves Kathy Johnston of New Times. "the most fun I've had listening to music in a long time," says Sonnie Brown, host of Song Town on public radio station KCBX (where Lynch was "Artist of the Month" in April 2011). "The Norman Rockwell of lazy day music," exclaims Cashbox Magazine. "A unique cross of blues and folk...Lynch delivers with a laid-back vocal ease," writes Country Entertainment USA. "From the surf-inspired "200 Light Years" to the Zen-friendly "Buddha's Belly," the Los Osos resident captures the essence of the SLO life," opines Pat Pemberton of the San Luis Obispo Tribune. "Percussive, intelligent and highly infectious, this is an engaging collection of of songs from a songwriter who's comfortable in his own skin," states Glenn Starkey, also of New Times. I Can See Sound has received consistent airplay on stations throughout the U.S. and internationally as well - the Bluespower show in Germany and Boom Boom Blues in Croatia, to name a few.

If you met David Lynch in passing, chances are you may not learn much about him. He will probably ask you about yourself and listen intently, and he may pause briefly to make a note in one of the little notebooks he always carries. Unless you stop and ask him, he will not tell you that he took a $30 junk guitar with dead strings and won third place in the advanced guitar competition at The 39th Annual Old-Time Fiddlers' Convention and Festival during 2009 in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Lynch won't talk about the Emmy he’s earned at his day job for sound design or his devotion to becoming a better musician and better songwriter by listening to and working with musicians and mentors who have high standards. But he will talk with you about the passion he has for his family, for making the world a better place, and for playing music that conveys his philosophy on life - that you get back what you give and that no matter how tough things are, you can always dance!

I Can See Sound offers the kind of music that is sure to get your body moving, make you smile, and inspire you to think about how you're living life - it's a good thing. Listen and see for yourself!