From: WA, United States

Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Spa

Darryl Jackson - Composer / Musician / Multi-Instrumentalist / Producer

I have been involved in the music industry for over a 40-year span of my musical career. As a Keyboardist and Bassist playing in many professional bands over the years, I have covered many genres, with years of experience on stage, in clubs and in the recording studio.

Back in the mid 80s, I learned the fine craft of engineering and recording at Las Vegas Recording Studio. Years later I built, owned, and operated VectraSound Studios in Las Vegas and applied my recording techniques on a Trident 32-channel analog console.

Playing piano for over 50 years, piano and keyboards are my main instrument. I also play all the instruments on my recordings including; Electric and Acoustic Guitar, 5-string Basses, Keyboard Synths, Acoustic Piano, Digital, Virtual, and Acoustic Drums.

I compose my music starting from the essence of the melody in my head. Then I play each instrument at a time and engineer the music, mix the tracks, and produce each song to a final product. Using ProTools allows great versatility and music composition only limited to the imagination. I take full advantage of the technology today to create, develop and produce some great music.

The genre of my music works well with movie theme recurring melody instrumentals, to contemporary progressive classical rock, solo piano, and upbeat synthesizer pieces. I love to employ orchestrated rich themes behind rock and jazz styles and catchy melody lines.

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