Darkstarz Records
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From: NY, United States

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap, Underground Hip Hop, R&B/Soul

Darkstarz Records is an independent label officially formed in 2001. We are the underground talent at its rawest form, left in the dark in favor of the commercialized radio hits heard today. Instead of complaining about what we hear, we are looking to change what you hear. We are the difference between those with true talent and those who sell their souls to the corporate devil just to make fast money. Mainstream hip hop has become a tool to oppress and distract an entire generation of youth, but we are rea…

Darkstarz Records songs
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  • Imagine - What You Gonna Do feat Caper

Videos From Darkstarz Records

  1. Stylemaster - Make a MOve

  2. P.C.P. - Leaked Quills

  3. Smarts - Fascist Doctrine


  5. Belle - You

  6. Belle - Absolution Time

  7. Belle - Im in Love With You

  8. Stylemaster - Trippin

  9. Deathstar - True Underground

  10. Bloody Raw - House of Cards

  11. Bloody Raw - Raise/Bloody & Raw

  12. Caper - World Wisdom

  13. Caper - The World That Fell Apart

  14. Caper - Lyrical Hunga

  15. Caper - Lonely Nights

  16. P.C.P - Sword and The Sledgehammer

  17. Jigsaw Feat Skampoe, Caper & Smarts

  18. Caper - The Dope Freestyle

  19. Caper - Just In Case You Don't Know

  20. Oshyn - Will it Stop
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