Daniel Berthiaume
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From: Canada

Genre: Pop, New Age, Ambient

Ambient with a French Touch

Born in Montreal (Canada), Daniel Berthiaume is a type-setter and multi instrumentalist which is characterized by his musical eclecticism. Raftered guitarist, he also plays keyboards and sings in a multitude of musical styles (rock'n'roll, pop, jazz, blues, folk, Ambient Music, New Age, électronica, etc.). In the Eighties he travelled the whole Quebec territory with various groups of variety while presenting more than 400 concerts of music of covers (Supertramp, Genesis, U2, e…

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Videos From Daniel Berthiaume
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    Pure Ambient - Mouvement
  2. Mqdefault
    Les Grands Classiques - Greensleves
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    60 seconds -Les Grands Classiques
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    Les Grands Classiques - Gymnopédie 3 - Erik Satie
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    Zen in Provence
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    Night Music - Dreams
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    Night Music- Moonlight
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    Nagual Spirit
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    The Nature of Sience - Meditation
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    60 seconds - The Nature of Silence
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    プロヴァンスの禅 - プロヴァンスの夏
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    60 seconds - Night Music
  15. Mqdefault
    60 seconds - Zen in Provence -
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    Asian Night アジアの夜
  17. Mqdefault
    Ego - Isolation
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    Daniel Berthiaume - The Nature of Silence -
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    Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven
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