Daina and the Tribe
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From: FL, United States

Genre: Jazz, pop, blues

The first album I produced from my vintage catalogue, Daina and the Tribe LIVE at "Soundscape" with Jeremy Steig and "CBGB's" power trio, is in the artist spotlight for the 13th annual IMA music awards after having been reviewed by their judges in the LIVE performance category. You can go to this site http://www.independentmusicawards.com/ima/2014/discover-artists-that-joined-the-13th-imas-daina-and-the-tribe-2/http://www.independentmusicawards.com/ima/2014/discover-artists-that-joined-the-13th-imas-daina-a…

Daina and the Tribe songs

Videos From Daina and the Tribe

  1. Movie Show live from Cbgb's

  2. The Daughter of the Devil Jan 5,1983 club Negril

  3. Full Wing feat.Judy Niemack, Jeff Young-piano

  4. Love Potion, Wild Herb and Perfumed Smoke

  5. Just like Old times, LIVE audio "Soundscape&q…

  6. Letter to the President LIVE "Soundscape"…

  7. Magique NYC LIVE Audio with Carolyn Coppolla

  8. Sex Goddess Live from Cbgb's

  9. Voodoo Queen

  10. Daina and the Tribe featuring Jeremy Steig

  11. Out of the Woodwork, Daina and the Tribe Cbgb'…

  12. Daina and the Tribe LIVE at CBGB's

  13. Daina and the Tribe feat. Jeremy Steig

  14. Daina Shukis-piano, poetry Marvin Horne-guitar

  15. News Rap

  16. Impressionist Jam, Daina Shukis-Jeremy Steig
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