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From: NC, United States

Rock, Alternative

Do you know, named, as DYK is a rock band formed in 2015. The band utilized a broad sound spectrum with a mix in between guitars and synthesizers.

The core of the band is the rhythm section, where members JE Zerpa (drums, percussion) & Oscar Fanega (bass guitar, backing vocals) build their compositions.

DYK started as a production project rather than a live band, where all initial compositions and ideas came from a garage studio in the city of Deerfield Beach, FL, late in 2014. Writer/Producer and Drummer, JE Zerpa composed a series of arrangements and ideas, reflecting and tackling political and social issues, and daily reality among the average people. Music could be the best platform to symbolize social topics because rhythm and melody touch more than representing it by simple words.

DYK present best by its lyrics and composition, which reveals the bitter realities of life in a beautiful way for being bothered. They make people to think that how their lives are going worse because of their own selves.

DYK released their debut album, World Without Face, in 2016, incorporated rock, pop and electronic elements, influenced by 1980s groups such as The Police, Rush, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, among others, creating an eclectic sound.

The vocal member (singer), known as the GHOST, brings a final and unique style with flair of Brian Johnson and Scott Weiland, able to cut through the sound coming from distortions and the rest of the band.

The GHOST, vocalist, produces such a rock sound which can’t be challenged. His beat for rock music comes mainly from a rhythm and blues. He gives the hidden words of society a new life by his voice providing a strong base.

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