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DNCE is an American pop rock band that formed in 2015. The group consists of members Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle and JinJoo Lee. The group signed with Republic Records, who released their debut single "Cake by the Ocean" in 2015. The song had moderate success in various territories, reaching the upper half of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Their debut extended play, SWAAY (2015), received a generally positive reception upon release.


Joe Jonas first rose to prominence as a member of the Jonas Brothers, a pop-rock band that had much success with music and acting. The group released four studio albums from 2006 to 2009, selling over 17 million albums worldwide. Jonas released a solo debut album in 2010 to a mixed critical and commercial performance. Despite the Jonas Brothers recording their fifth studio album in 2013, the project went unreleased and the band officially ended.Jack Lawless first met Jonas when he played the drums for the Jonas Brothers' Marvelous Party Tour (2007). Lawless and Jonas formed a close friendship, with Lawless continuing to perform with the band on subsequent tours. The pair eventually lived together for a period of time, according to Jonas. In 2010, Lawless became the drummer for alternative rock band Ocean Grove; the group released their debut extended play in 2011. Cole Whittle rose to fame as the bass player for Semi Precious Weapons. The band released three studio albums during their run, with their final release coming in 2014. JinJoo Lee, much like Lawless, had previously toured with acts such as the Jonas Brothers, playing the guitar. She was a member of CeeLo Green's touring band from 2010 to 2011, and later worked with Charli XCX.

The idea for DNCE first came about while Jonas and Lawless were living together, though the project was put on hold due to the duo's busy schedules. Jonas, Lawless, and Lee officially came together to form DNCE in 2015, with work on their debut studio album beginning shortly afterwards. Though work on the project had already begun, the group struggled to find a fourth member to fit into the band. Jonas began working with songwriter Justin Tranter, of Semi Precious Weapons, for DNCE's debut album; this led to Jonas and Whittle becoming friends and ultimately adding him to the group. The group named themselves DNCE after the name of a song written for the album, which lyrically speaks of being too drunk to spell the word "dance". Jonas later added the group decided on the name as it described the "imperfect awesomeness of the four of them together." JinJoo later added that much like the spelling of the word, you don't have to be a perfect dancer to dance in life. The group began performing secret shows in New York City to rehearse for their upcoming tour and promotional performances. The band made an official Instagram account in September 2015; Joe later posted a teaser video for the band on his account, tagging the band's official page, on September 10.

The group released their debut single, "Cake by the Ocean", on September 18, 2015. Though starting out slow, the song went on to become a moderate success in numerous territories. The song has so far peaked at #18 on the Billboard Hot 100, and at #34 on the Canadian Hot 100. The group released their debut extended play, SWAAY, on October 23, 2015. The four track album received a generally positive critical reception upon its release, with Entertainment Weekly writing that it "splits the difference between Joe's former band's slick power pop and the electro-kissed pop stylings of his solo album." The band embarked on a fourteen-date tour in November 2015, known as the Greatest Tour Ever. All fourteen scheduled dates for the tour sold out. The tour received critical praise, and featured unreleased songs as well as covers of older classics. The group has announced plans to release their debut studio album in 2016.

On January 31, 2016, DNCE made a cameo during Fox's television special Grease: Live; a live production of the Broadway musical Grease. The band performed as Johnny Casino and The Gamblers during a high school dance scene, which incorporated a 1950s-inspired rendition of "Cake by the Ocean" and a cover of The Crickets' "Maybe Baby" alongside the Grease songs "Born to Hand Jive" and "Rock & Roll Is Here to Stay". In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jonas explained that DNCE was by approached by the producers of the special following a show in New York City, and that he had always been a fan of Grease.


Current Members

Joe Jonas - lead vocals (2015-present),

Jack Lawless - drums (2015-present),

Cole Whittle - bass guitar, keyboards (2015-present),

JinJoo Lee - guitar (2015-present)