Cyndi Thomson
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From: TN, United States

Genre: Country, Pop, Alternative

"I was born to share my heart."

That simple declaration explains everything about Cyndi Thomson and her music. At a time when so many young women bolster themselves with "don't-mess-with-me" sneers and "hear-me-roar" armor, this 24-year-old singer/songwriter dares to be vulnerable. With unflinching candor she details all the hope, fear, doubt and passion swirling inside her.

"I don't want to write ordinary love songs," Cyndi declares. "I want to write from a different perspective. So I always questio…

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  • What I Really Meant To Say

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  1. "What I Really Meant To Say"

  2. "I Always Liked That Best"

  3. "I'm Gone"
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