Cruton Bey
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From: MO, United States

Genre: Reggae, Roots Reggae, Reggaeism

We at On Tha Prowl Records would like 2 say this, Cruton Bey put the Gangsta in Reggae like NWA put the Gangsta in Rap, he bring his message of truth buck naked and raw, It's time for a change and he bring that change that's long overdue in the world of Reggae music, this is why he designed his music for the internet only because it would be 2 much for terrestrial radio and it's listners 2 digest, Before we give this BIO, we want too make this statement of truth to the world, In 1993, the United Nations Ce…

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  1. Ain't Got No Love

  2. Nigger Shit

  3. Human Tragedy

  4. Lieing Ass Politicians

  5. Life And Evolution

  6. Death And Destruction

  7. What's Going On

  8. Infinity

  9. Black Commodity

  10. Psychology, a powerful Tool

  11. You Fooled Me Once, That Was On Me

  12. The Starz
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Paris France
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
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