José Eduardo Paulino dos Santos (born September 28, 1984) better known by his stage name Coréon Dú, is a multilingual Angolan singer, creative director and producer. He is known for his distinct musical style, bold fashion choices and his contributions to projects inspired by Angolan Pop culture in the realms of music, dance, fashion, TV and film.

Among his works are various projects such as documentary "I Love Kuduro", a full-length album titled "The Coréon Experiment", production of the International Emmy-nominated Telenovela, "Windeck", as well as his current work with his independent record label Da Banda bringing Angolan-influenced music to wider audiences.

Early life:

Coréon Dú was born in Luanda, Angola, to Maria Luísa Abrantes Perdigão and José Eduardo dos Santos. He spent the first years of his childhood in Luanda, Angola. A few years after his parent's separation, Coréon moved to Lisbon, Portugal and began living with his maternal grandparents at the age of 8. Coréon later moved to the U.S. to be educated. At the age of 11 he moved with his mother to Northern Virginia near Washington D.C.. While in middle school, he found his voice and began to pursue singing. During high school he became a soloist in the school choir, and developed a keen interest for musical theatre.

Coréon continued to perform in choirs during his time at Loyola University went on to gain a BA in Mass Communications. In 2010 he pursued a Master's degree in Dance Theatre: The Body in Performance from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.

Coréon Dú comes from a musical family. His grandfather's cousin, Liceu Vieira Dias was a founding member of Ngola Ritmos. His son, musician Carlitos Vieira Dias played a role in introducing Coreon to Filipe Mukenga and Filipe Zau, two of Angola´s most iconic composers. They wrote Serpente and Ilha, respectively, which became one of Coreons biggest songs to date.

Liceu´s nephew, Andre Mingas was also a guiding force as he wrote Lemba, which was well received in Angola.

His father´s first cousin, Beto Gourgel, was one of Angola´s most well known comedians & musicians. His son, Kizua Gourgel, is also a successful singer-songwriter from Angola. In the early 2000s, his first public performances happened with Kizua´s band, during some of his cousin's gigs in Luanda nightclubs.


Inspired by his trip the Huíla province of Angola in 2000 during his summer holidays, Coréon started designing clothing using the local Samakaka print and other African inspired textiles. These designs mainly worn by friends and family, started generating buzz in Luanda and led to the start of his first business venture Z|E Designs with his cousin Emilia Abrantes in 2001. Z|E Designs presented collections in the inaugural Angola Fashion Week in 2001, as well as other local events such as the Moda Luanda Fashion Awards. Another notable participation, as a costume designer, includes the stage play, Jato de Sangue, which featured Brazilian actor Sergio Menezes and Angolan teen TV series Sede de Viver. Z|E mainly focused on event production after 2004, having their last fashion presentation in 2007 at the Trienal de Luanda.

On returning to Angola in 2006, Coréon Dú started Semba Comunicação as a boutique branding and communications agency. Overtime Semba has evolved into one of Angola´s premiere content production company´s in the Angolan market through projects such as Bounce and Windeck. Windeck premiered with great success in Angola in August 2013 and then went on to conquer record ratings in Portugal´s RTP 1 channel afternoon primetime slot. Windeck is just one of the projects that Coréon Dú has been involved in, but is potentially the most innovative and provocative of them all. Having been nominated for the best Telenovela at the 2013 International Emmy Awards, it is expanding into the international market with translations into English and French.

Another recent production includes the documentary I Love Kuduro named after his ever-popular festival. His film exploits have gained some notice including competing with Moments of Glory in the Oxaca Film Festival for Best Experimental short. His audiovisual dissertation "Festa de Quintal" also gained some attention not only academically but also some festival circuits. The film is divided into two parts, a documentary and a conceptual dance film about the worldwide tradition of house parties using the traditional Angolan backyard party as a template. Njinga- Queen of Angola has been one of Coréon´s most ambitious productions to date. The period film about 17th century regent Queen Njinga Mbande premiered with enormous buzz in Angola in November 2013.

Coréon Dú's model scouting efforts have also lead to great success. He is a regular contributor as judge of Elite Model Look contests in Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, & South Africa. It is an ongoing collaboration between Elite Model World and his talent management company Da Banda. The contests have made international breakthroughs with several local models that have appeared in catwalks for Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Prada and other well-known fashion houses. Current face of Barneys New York's Fall 2014 campaign Mauza Antonio & Maria Borges best known as one of the faces of H&M, Givenchy and the Victoria´s secret 2013 show, Roberta Narciso and Alécia Morais are among the models Coréon discovered and trained through these Da Banda´s contests.

Coréon's scouting efforts yielded him Amilna Estevão, the first African model in 30 years to be in Elite Model Look World Final top 3.

Among his activism efforts include the 2009 documentary series Delinquência Estou Fora, a documentary series to raise awareness juvenile delinquency in Angola, its causes, and alternatives. This was a follow up to the Droga Diga Não ("Drugs - Just Say NO") project where he toured the country on speaking engagements to educate and motivate youth groups and local institutions to be more engaged on the issue. He also helped organize free concerts attended by more than 40,000 people at a time. In an effort to advocate gender equality he established the Divas Angola Awards in 2007 to celebrate the achievements of women in business, education, fashion, sports, music, music and philanthropy. Notable international artists such as Latin legend Juan Luis Guerra, the award-winning Adriana Calcanhoto, and Paula Lima have performed past editions of the event in support for the cause of gender equality.

As a musician, he released his debut album, The Coréon Experiment, in 2010. The album was produced by Latin Grammy-winning Brazilian producer Luiz Brasil. Among the album's contributors include famed musicians such as Luciana Abreu, Irina, Jeff Brown, and Heavy C.

After the album was released, he performed at several events including the XXIX Madrid Jazz Festival where he displayed his diverse fusion of sounds, which include influence from Semba, Pop, Funk, Bossa Nova, Rock, Kuduro and Kizomba. The performance has been one of the highlights of his musical career.

In 2013 Coréon launched his fan club, WeDú - The Coréon Dú Creative Community with a commemorative remix album "The WeDú Experiment", which features remixes and original material produced in collaboration with Phil Asher, DJ Satellite, DJ Spooky, Daniel Haaksman, Simmons Massini, DJ Manya, Luiz Brasil, Jerry Charbonnier, Lenni Sez and Nuno Mendes. This project was accompanied by a series of conceptual music videos shot using natural and urban landscapes from his home country and some avant-garde that a gained positive response from both fans and critics.

Due to his affinity with Caribbean and Latin music, Coréon has enlisted Grammy-winning producer Andres Levin to produce his next album. They are currently in the production phase for the project, working in several cities including New York, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Havana, Miami, and Austin to develop Coréon's sophomore album. "Bailando Kizomba" the first single from his sophomore was released in February 2014 and remained within the top 30 positions of the Billboard Latin Charts from the Spring of 2014 to the Fall of 2014.