Collective (Iceland)

From: Iceland

Genre: Metal, Progressive metal

Collective is a 'thinktank' of musicians with extremely diverse backgrounds, from metal to ambient to jazz, these guys have pretty much been all over. In August 2013, during a coffee session with the guitar in hand and some strange ideas in their heads, they finally decided to do something with their creations and form a band.

Collective (Iceland) songs

Videos From Collective (Iceland)

  1. Pull my trigger - Live

  2. Man in the mirror - Live (with monitor fail)

  3. Another twisted dream - Live

  4. Truth Awaking - Live

  5. Loathe! - Live

  6. Bittersweet / Cracks a smile - Live

  7. A Million Little Pieces - Lyric video
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Thursday, June 11, 2020
Love this song it is beautiful. Libra Enigma on soundcloud and YouTube