From: CA, United States

World, New Age, Native American Flute

About Cinder Jean:

Cinder Jean was born in Los Angeles, California. Cinder released her first Native American Flute Cd in 2010 - "Spirit Of The East Wind." Cinder has now released her second Cd "Ethereal Echoes" Released on January 12, 2012) Cinder began playing the piano at age eight and acoustic guitar at age ten. Cinder also plays ukulele, harmonica and percussion. Cinder Jean began playing Native American Indian Flute about ten years ago and is majoring in commercial music. Cinder is also a well established singer/songwriter. Cinder Jean is a guitar and voice Instructor, specializing in teaching children and adults. Currently her days are spent teaching, writing and composing new songs, revising old songs and preparing for new horizons. The Goal: to help make the world a better place through music and art.